Necropolis  - Jordan L. Hawk

The 4th book in the series didn't disappoint.

I still adore Whyborne and this book made me like Christine even more and Griffin is a perfect gentleman as always. 

I would love to know more about Griffin but alas the series are written in a limited 1st person point of view. The short story Eidolon gives a glimpse of Griffin pov but it isn't enough. :( 

The adventures of Whyborne and Griffin in London that Whyborne refused to think about are written in a free short story Remnant by K.J. Charles and Jordan L. Hawk

Weak spoilers below.

An urgent telegram from Christine summons Whyborne (and Griffin) to Egypt.


Whyborne is kissed by a beautiful woman



attacked by ghuls & gets splattered by blood 




practises more magic



gets a pet camel 




And much more!