Locked and Loaded  - Nenia Campbell

I still don't like Micheal and I don't see how Michael is supposed to be super cool assassin, he doesn't spend his time sweating in a gym or/and practicing some martial art, he drinks and eats unhealthy food and yet he is fit. 

Christine is much more real and more likeable, though she sometimes has her annoying moments but they are rare now compared with previous books. 

What I really like, is how Christine and Michael's relationships are progressing, they are becoming more equal and now at last, I can see that they both care about each other. Especially Michael. However, and that's my opinion, while they are fine at the moment, I don't see how they could be right for each for a long term. 

Ah, but there is going to be another book and I might change my mind. 

BTW, Nenia and I are friends on GR but it has nothing to do with how I rated this book.