Autobiography - Morrissey

I'm fan of Morrissey and The Smiths however I'm not much into celebrity personal life and so I knew next to nothing about him or the band before reading this book. 

But, of course, I'd heard of Morrissey being self-centred and arrogant prick but while reading and googling a lot, I come to conclusion that's bullshit. And now, I how to say that after reading his autobiography, I've found him likeable and all kind of awesome human being. And he can write 

I expected it to be bleak read and while sometimes it was, it was because he was writing about sad or hard times in his life (his years in school, deaths of loved ones...) but what I didn't expect was that Morrissey has such a great sense of humour and warmth. 

And while some might be disappointed that he doesn't reveal much personal stuff and secrets in his autobiography, however if you're to look closer, than his sharings with his thoughts, opinions and musings of that and that, are more revealing than let's say Roald Dahl's autobiography. 

BTW, I've never believed accusations that Morrissey is a racist (hello, listen to his songs.) One accuser of Morrissey being a racist says "Morrissey didn't help his case with an uneasy flirtation with gangster imagery: he took up boxing and was accompanied everywhere by a skinhead, named Jake..." Let, me LOL because in his autobiography Morrissey leads us to understand that Jake was his partner.