Cat's Creation (The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman) - Natasha Duncan-Drake

In the second book of The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman, Charlie and his gang are sent to alternative universe where violence, intrigues, magic and vampires are everyday thing. 

Charlie and his friends know that there are a reason why they are send to this world but they are not sure what it is. Meanwhile Alexander (the Dragon) has to play a role of a visiting vampire from rich vampire family, and Charlie as Alexander's enthralled human bodyguard and consort. Enter a reluctant sorcerer/assassin bound to a power hungry politician, an underground group that kidnaps vampire enslaved humans and Charlie visions of Alexander being tortured and killed. 

The writing has been improved since the Cat's Call. As expected others Questers, apart from Charlie and Alexander, are slowly growing to life, in this book especially, Yesenia (the Spider) and Junko (the Horse). 

And I absolutely love Charlie, he is such a sweetheart, and Alexander is just as awesome. I shipped them in the first book and was a bit sad that Charlie doesn't swing that way, but now I'm more than happy to see them as just good friends. Seriously. Junko is a likeable character and kudos to her for making the first move. Yay for Charlie/Junko! *now ships Alexander/Barr* And, of course, yay for cat!Charlie. 




Please note that, the author is of one my GR friends but is has no impact on my enjoyment or honest reflection on the book.