Cat's Call - Natasha Duncan-Drake

This is first book from The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman series and I'm going to read second book too. After all, this self-published YA fantasy was more interesting than some of the traditionally published ones, that I have read this year. 

Problems in this book are: too much telling and no showing,and apart from main character and two others supporting characters others were not fleshed enough, and there wasn't enough info about Between. 

One of the biggest strength of this book is Charlie. He is friendly, brave, smart and nice. He accepts his role as a Questor and leader being honest that he likes it. 

And add to that cat, dragon, horse, wolf, spider, delphin and hawk shifters, not only Caucasian characters but also Asian, hispanic and black and even a vampire and a boy with gills, positive portrayal of homosexsual character and magic. Oh and this book does not have a love triangle.