Laughing Gas - P.G. Wodehouse

This is my 19th book by Wodehouse and definitely not the last one! 

Like in Ring for Jeeves (1953) a real life creeps into this novel. First published in 1936 there is references to The Great Depression. And while brilliantly funny and happy go lucky story Laughing Gas shows not so pretty face of Hollywood - April June (love that name, btw)- the gold digging bitch extraordinaire, an alcoholic cousin Eggy and a miserable life of a child film star. 

The main character Reggie (27) is a good egg and very likeable. He is somehow naive/innocent and because of that not so good judge of character. The child film star Joey (12) while still has a childish qualities is often more mature and experienced than Reggie. And, I've to add, that Ann so far is my favourite heroine in the Wodehouse stories. 

The sensitive souls who called Katy Perry a racist because she wore a kimono in AMA performance should be warned that words "nigger" and "Jap" shows up. But, please remember that, in the past it wasn't considered primarily offensive. And since the Hollywood till this day makes movies with Caucasian actors portraying Asians aka "yellow-face" don't be shocked that in this novel there are two blokes using make up to pass off as Japanese and Filipino.