Dželsomīno Melu zemē - Gianni Rodari, Silvija Ķuze

Gelsomino nel paese dei bugiardi (1958) or Jasmine in the Country of Liars by Gianni Rodari. 



The main character is Jasmine who was born with a powerful voice. After he is falsely accused of witchcraft he leaves his town and comes to The Country of Liars. In this country it's against a law to speak the truth. Newspapers are allowed only to print lies, critics has to praise bad artists and flame good ones, people who speak truth are thrown in a prison or a mental asylum. Even dogs has to meow and cats has to bark. 


Early in the story after being flustered by all the lies Jasmine breaks into a scream and his voice brings to life a drawing of three legged cat. The three legged cat and Jasmine becomes friends and they meet struggling artist who thanks to them discover that he can not only create beautiful paintings but also bring them to life. It's begining of the end of The County of Lies. 

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A dystopia with fantasy elements for younger readers and lovers of cats. I assume after reading this book that Rodari was a cat lover.