Child 44 (Leo Demidov,  #1) - Tom Rob Smith Surprisingly (or not) Child 44 despite its worldwide success is not translated in Russian as far as I know. If honestly at first I was somehow reluctant to read just after looking at the summary at the back of the book because of the main character’s name Leo. I was thinking what kind of Russian name is that? There are such names as Leonid, Leonti etc but not Leo. When I thought that Leo equals to Лев, I decided to give it chance. I would have given 5 stars but I scored down because of relation between Leo and the antagonist. Somehow it seemed very unlikely... It would have been more likely if Leo and Vasili had roman before Leo married to Raisa and after marriage Loe jilted Vasili and that why Vasili had such twisted obsession to humiliate/destroy Leo. (I am such a yaoi fangirl!) Also what happened to Leo nieces and his brother’s wife? Apart from that I loved this story.