The Recruit  - Robert Muchamore It was better than I expected. The first chapters I liked very much, unfortunately after James woke up in CHERUB it started to get a bit worse but it wasn’t too bad. The three main things that I didn’t enjoy were- character behaviour. At one point they could act mature and at the next moment beyond stupid. And other thing is the lack of emotion. James life was turned upside down; he went thought extremely hard training to become a member of Cherub, the tasks were not only physically but also emotionally demanding. But there were no emotions. Then there is Joanna. Nothing to do with plot. Why no one had told James that get attached to someone during mission is big no no? Apart from that I liked this book. I read it one day and enjoyed it. I think I might read second book of James adventures. BTW, James Adams adventures are much more realistic than James Bond’s.