Drawing Blood - Poppy Z. Brite “Aren’t you scared he will freak out and murder you in your sleep”Zach laughed.”No. If Trevor decides to kill me, he’ll make sure I’m wake for it”After Zach (19, runaway hacker) talked out Trevor (25, an artist) of killing him they become friends and lovers. Zach has to keep running away from law but he stays with Trevor who has returned to house where his father 20 years ago murdered his wife and younger son and committed suicide leaving behind his oldest son alive. While with every day agents are closer to finding Zach’s location, Trevor with everyday is closer to repeat his father actions. It’s more of romance story than horror story. When I first started to read I wanted to read horror but I was soon paying attention to Trevor/Zach and wasn’t disappointed by the lack of horror. There is some horror stuff, of course, but its background to Trevor and Zach story. I am not sure if the house was really haunted for me it more looked as horrifying imaginary of unstable Trevor and that Zach was influenced by Trevor and the past happening in the house and when he was high on drugs he hallucinated. P.S. Why some users have tagged this under “vampires”? There are no vampires in this story. Blood-yes, bloodplay-yes, vampires-no.