The Tyrant Falls in Love, Volume 1 - Hinako Takanaga Do you think love has an expiration date? Probably the most disturbing manga I have read this year ever. And not because it contains rape, no its because reader is supposed to feel sympathetic to the rapist. WTF? Don’t get me wrong, I like him he is interesting character but I don’t feel sorry for him. Tetsuhiro is wonderful he is delusional, violent and yet tender, unintentionally cruel and friendly, manipulative and without empathy. He looks like a nice guy but he isn’t! It’s just the perfect act so masterful that he believes it himself. And then there is Souichi who seems to be egoistic a**hole but deep down is lonely, vulnerable and guilty feeling guy. SPOILERS!!! Meet Tetsuhiro Morinaga who for the last five years has been hopelessly in love with his colleague and friend Souichi Tatsumi. Tatsumi is high maintenance friend; he is commanding, sometimes rude and openly homophobic despite he knows very well Moringa is homosexual. On other hand Tatsumi hasn’t changed his attitude towards Moringa because of that and also is still in quite friendly terms with his younger homosexual brother who lives in America. Once drinking in Morinaga’s flat Tatsumi orders other to go to the shop and bring more booze what Morinaga does. Meanwhile Tatsumi is ransacking his friend apartment looking for spirit and finds bottle of alcohol sprinkled with some rape drugs. He drinks it. Later in the night Tatsumi wakes up feeling strangely weak and ill-the effects of the drug. Morinaga isn’t very distraught by the fact his friend can barely move as his attention is to a boner his friend is spouting. Morinaga then insists that he will help out jerking off Tatsumi. Morinaga reasoning is M”I will get you off.” T: “I don’t need your help!” M: “If you don’t come at least once, it will be painful, won’t it?” Why would Tatsumi need help to jerk off? Because he can’t move well because his coordination is off thanks to drugs. It doesn’t end with Moringa giving hand job it doesn’t ends with blow job no, it ends with Morinaga raping Tatsumi in his butt. While Tatsumi is yelling, screaming and begging to stop! Later in the morning Morinaga has the guts to yell “I’m the only one to blame?” Morinaga leaves school and work. Tatsumi gets glares from his fellows and from his little sister as they blame him that Morinaga is absent. After some time Tatsumi starts to worry that Morinaga committed suicide, starts to blame himself that Morinaga is missing and also to what happened that night, at the end he is worried and so much longing for Morinaga who, we learn, is his only friend that he realises that he would forgive Morinaga for assaulting him. Volume ends with Morinaga saying: “He (Tatsumi) keeps saying “blackmailer” and “you don’t fight fair”...I guess its true. Even when he keeps yelling it over and over...When you got down to it, the weapon is my threat to withdraw from school, so to me his attacks are sweet as a declaration of love.”