Wes and Toren - J.M. Colail I really love the cover of this book; it is third book what I have read with the same picture on it. As to the story I am disappointment and I even didn’t have big expectation from the start. The writing is juvenile. There is almost none descriptions of people or places. For some reason Toren cries or gets teary eyed for every small thing, that was a bit strange. Absence of plot. One reviewer compared this as some sort of diary but honestly I believe that openly gay 18(?) years old student’s life is more adventurous. Toren hooks up with Wesley soon after they have exchanged few small talks, they soon start to live together and probably one of them is saint as they don’t have small petty fights over anything. At all. But they have lot of sweet talk and good sex what becomes to be annoying and boring to read after few chapters. I actually finished reading probably waiting for something important to happen.