Кавказский пленный: повести - Vladimir Makanin, Владимир Маканин From these stories I’ve read only Кавказский пленный (The Captive of the Caucasus). It is short story about war and beauty. The main theme is that beauty couldn’t save world and itself. Set in First Chechen War (1990-ties) a Russian soldier Рубахин (Rubahin) captures a young and beautiful Chechen soldier. (The boy’s name is not given) Since the first glance at boy Rubahin is enchanted by his beauty. While on the way to exchange the prisoner Rubahin with each day becomes more and more attached to his hostage, he is attentive, friendly and caring. In order to manipulate or for other reason the boy (no worries, he is about 16) begins to answer Rubahin’s feeling however it doesn’t save his life and doesn’t save Rubahin from being a reluctant murder.