Drawn Together - Z.A. Maxfield I wasn’t sure about this story I didn’t think I’ll enjoy it but fortunately it was better than I expected. It was hard to decision to rate it as OK or I like it. I didn’t understand why Ran would fell in love with Rory. Why? I can understand why he wanted to sleep with him but felt in love so soon? I couldn't sense chemistry between these two. Rory seemed OKish guy but I didn’t like how he treated Ran as if Ran is infantile and weak. Ran survived kidnapping and torture why Rory acted as Ran is damsel in distress, Ran obviously could take care of himself. He actually called him princess when he knew that Ran doesn’t like it. Honestly I couldn’t like Rory after he had his way with unconscious Ran and after when he run away to deal with Amelia leaving Ran...that was the last nail on coffin. Ran I liked a tiny bit more. He seemed very lonely and self-conscious man and maybe that’s why he thought that stalker-turned-knight-in-shining-amour Rory was good enough for him. I would be happier if Ran had stayed with Tucker or with that doctor guy. Amelia...Is parody of all these badly written baddies or she is one of these badly written villains. I'm not sure which. What annoyed me most were the countless mentions of Ran’s height and how beautiful he is. I have feeling that Ran’s beautiful face was the main reason why Rory fell in love with him (not to mention he was head over heels with Ran when he hadn’t even meet him and thought that Ran is woman)