Bottled Up - Andrew  Grey I wanted to like this book, I really did. I tried to like it...its not worst story I've read but I couldn't believe half of what was happening in the book, the characters were one dimension and story was boring. MC Sean is owner of wine shop who saves a teenage boy Bobby from being raped and after police gives green light (yeah just like that) Bobby stays with Sean. Bobby is 16, who looks about 12 and has been living on the street for past six months. I have no idea how he survived on the street as he is too trusting even comparing with 5 year old from good family.Bobby, after less than two months starts to call Sean "dad". Seriously. I don't live in USA but I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be so easy for homosexual man foster teenage boy. And is Sean old enough to adopt 16 year old? Then we have police officer Sam, Sean's new boyfriend who is unbelievably good and suffers from main-character's-perfect-lover syndrome. Nuff said. Just I have to add, Sean suffers from traumatic experience and he warns Sam that he needs things to go slow. Sam is completely ready to wait and why not? Apparently taking slow is wait for two months and then sexy time! I almost cried when I read this: Sean's mother, who knows her son is gay for 10 years and is OK with it: “I know this isn’t PC of me, but I have to ask. Will staying with you make him gay?” Our MC “No, Mom. Even if Bobby weren’t already gay, he wouldn’t turn gay. We’re born gay; we don’t choose it or learn it, regardless of what the priests say.”This was a long standing discussion with her.