Of Honor and Love (Love is Always Write) - S.J. Frost 1867, a young English man Jonathon Addison has been freed from prison where he awaited his death sentence in exchange he had agreed to gamble his life in order to get close and kill Lord Kazuhiro Takezaki... I was totally immersed in this story. It was well written and you could notice that author has done some research before starting to type. It was important to me that when Jonathon and Kazuhiro-san saw each other for the first time and felt mutual attraction, I did't want to roll my eyes. It did work for this story. Greedy me, would have wished for it to be longer story. But that to be expected when it comes to stories we like they all are not long enough. :) That's the photo in description That's how I imagine Jonathonand Kazuhiro