Gray's Fallen (Love is Always Write) - L.C. Chase I'm not fan of angel romance stories (and other paranormal romance stories) and the only exception is Castiel/Dean. However the picture of angel was so beautiful and story is short and free...couldn't resist. It is not badly written, actually I like how author told us story but...Why Anton decided to fell? Yes, Gray's ex was jerk and acted like one but it wasn't like Grey couldn't move on, he was dealing quite well with the break up. Anyway, free will and stuff. What bothered me most was, when Gray founds Anton the young man is alone in the park, crying, bare feet, without warm clothes ( in cold evening) and appears to be "not entirely there" and yet when Anton tells Gray that he is angel, Gray with no doubt accepts that as true...Here comes my dark imagination and whispers to me more sinister possibilities from what and who Anton could have escaped and why Gray is so kind and accepting and its more realistic too.