His True Nature (Love is Always Write) - Silvia Violet When the first word in the story is curse word it seems cheap trick to lure potential reader to believe that some drama or action is going to happen. Just recently when I was checking LisAW stories and found another story that starts with swear word. Is that some new trend? Hope not! I din't enjoy this story- it wasn't that bad that I wanted to smash my laptop, burn my books and never ever again set my eyes on written word...*turns off drama queen mode* It is simple guy-meets-guy-and-they-have-chat-and-sex. Is there better stories than this one? Yes. Is there worse than this one? Of course. But I wonder how it can be possible to be 30 years old and be surprised by family reaction to your coming out? Didn't Dan knew his family' at all? Didn't he knew what his families believes? Hiding his sexual orientation for over 15 years how it came that he didn't get any clue that his family wouldn't be supportive?