Whistle Blowing - Ada Maria Soto While some might be not happy with how slow and written in detail is Darren's recovery, I did like it. Actually if I would choose to complain that it is how well and fast Darren recovered physically and especially psychologically. He didn't suffer from PTSD and after weeks were able to walk with some aid. I think he did remarkably well, I, for example, few days before the last Christmas felt from stairs and hurt my ankle and I was limping till middle April. It wasn't sprained or broken and yet I was limping for months! Now what disappoint me in this story was romance. It would have been much better IMO to Sebastian and Darren be friends, and Sebastian nursing crush on Darren. If he (Sebastian) found someone to care for, either romantically or platonically, he clung on tight, often long past the point when he should have let go. It was one of the reasons he didn't usually go out to clubs and bars and bring men home; he could make things far too serious far too fast. I believe that the reason why Sebastian felt for Darren. I have feeling that for Darren it was more about gratitude for his saviour and carer than love. Maybe he was " [...]Daren thinking he needed to sexually buy his safety or his place in Sebastian's life." If I am right, awesome I am for complex relationships! But it didn't look it was intentionally done, I had feeling that author made Sebastian and Darren become lovers because of propmt, yes it was that forced. Darren, prompt picture I imagine Sebastian could look like this. Because Sebastian name makes me think of Sebastian Michaelis