Человек в футляре - Anton Chekhov Belikov the "Man in Shell" is teacher who always wears warm coat, galoshes, dark glasses and puts cotton in his ears and has an umbrella with him. He constantly is afraid and worries "if something happens". But he is not just eccentric character he influences his colleagues to make decisions he wants them to make, he has "suffocated" not only his colleagues but entire town. He is frightening, passive aggressive and miserable. He hates freedom, all new, remarkable and different. It is unexpected when he starts to think about marriage with new history and geography teacher's Michael sister. Varenka is outgoing, fun loving woman from Ukraine. When Belikov sees Varenka and her brother on bicycles he is deeply disturbed after this incident he visits brother and sister's flat where he ties to give advice to Michael that riding bicycle is unacceptable and it can end with grave consequences for Michael and his sister. Belikov meets for the first time in his life suggestion "to mind his own business" and is kicked out. Belikov personalizes fear of life and it is not surprising that Kovalenko's are these who plays great roles in Belikov's end.