The Time of the Singing - Louise Blaydon It’s strange to know someone who knows the darkness in him, and is not repulsed by it. I have grown up. When years ago I read Ragana un lietus where one of main heroines have love affair with priest I was shocked and scandalised. Now I understand that priests are humans too. Life is complex. This is such beautiful and well told love and acceptance story. I might have crush on Israfel. Israfel Vacek (29) as young teenager was lead to believe by his twin brother, parents and therapy sessions "that his condition was from God not necessarily a damning thing, but, rather, a clear call to chastity." And since "he was, and had always been, a devout boy, whose interest in dead languages and theological history was as great as his genuine engagement with the catechism.Jane Eyre - 20 year age difference, Sense and Sensibility 10 years. What did bother me a little was Raf and Nate was once(?) intimate inside and once outside church. As if Raf wearing cassock isn't kinky enough. One of the best things, IMO, was Israfel and his twin brother relationship portrayal. I would have liked to know how Raf's relatives were affected when he did told them his decision. I can imagine but at least short paragraph would have been nice. I know that this story was at first titled The Voice of The Turtledove and was a Supernatural Castiel/Dean fanfic and because of that I had no problems whatsoever to visualize main characters but they lacked description in book. Now I have reason to add some images!