In The Closet - Michi Chu Here what AmethystPhoenix says: This is a highly disturbing fic. Please do not read if you feel squicked out by many things.This fic isn’t about the ships. It’s all about the sheer brilliance of how Michi Chu twists the situation to shock us all at the end. It’s disturbing. It’s somewhat confusing. And I’ll repeat, to reiterate, it’s DISTURBING. Scary, but brilliant. It starts off sounding like your average Harry-and-Ginny-are-in-a-rut fic. Told from Ron’s point of view (his characterization is brilliant, by the way; Michi Chu has his speech patterns and everything else down pat), Ginny begins to suspect that Harry’s having an affair with some other woman. And Ron, at the same time but separate from Ginny, realizes the same thing. But it turns out to be much, much worse than just an affair…Melodramatic, that last paragraph, I know. But I think that’s what should get you to read it. If not, the excellent characterization and storytelling should. There are times when the reader gets glimpses of the truth, but unless it’s their second, third, or forty-fifth reading, the guess will be close but not completely accurate. The real situation will throw you in for a loop, I guarantee, unless you are Cassandra Trelawney or someone extremely good at mysteries.I will leave you to go read the fic, since I can’t really say any more without giving it all away. Go read it… if you dare.