Unmade - Corona AU, after season 2. Peter's brother is dead and Peter wakes up locked in cell. He is drugged and his powers are gone. A glass wall separates him from Sylar who is also imprisoned. For months they are together without another human contact. Once the experiments begins both men realises that their lives here are not of importance . Slowly Peter changes as he becomes more desperate and more determined to survive and revenge Nathan's murder. When Sylar is close to dead Peter manages to break drugs in his system and save them both. And get his revenge. Apparently its pre-slash however I fail detect romantic feelings between these two. But not pairing or lack of it is important here. Its well written psychological horror and character study. The day drags on impossibly slowly, slower than any that came before.Peter doesn't stray far from the wall, doesn't pass it without leaning into its cold surface, a press of fingers that leave prints and warmth behind. Because bringing Sylar back once does not mean they don't intend to take him again, or kill him, or move him.Sylar moves little but when he does it's slowly, painfully, like he's been hollowed out and put back empty and drugged.Peter eventually stays by the wall, leaning in the same spot where Sylar's narrow back rests, watching the walls and the slow unhappy pulse that jumps in Sylar's neck.He's too paranoid to sleep.But then, they took away that choice weeks ago.