Saving Connor (Sacrifices arc, #1) - Lightning on the Wave 3 stars for the first book and 5 stars for the series. Saving Connor is first and weakest in the series but after that series gets better and better. I've never read such well crafted fantasy word. And I'm comparing it with such books as Harry Potter Boxset and The Lord of the Rings. Narcissa Malfoy from these series is my favourite female character ever. In this world Harry has twin brother Connor who is the boy-who-lived. James and Lilly are alive. Remus and Sirius are free and family friends. When Harry for horror to himself and his family is sorted to Slytherin house at first he wants to be Gryfindor but at the end he reconciles as he sees that as opportunity to help his brother in future. Draco who is bored out of his mind decides that Harry is most interesting boy from other first years and he has to have Harry as his friend. Snape as well sees that Potter brat is worth his attention to utter Harry's horror who wants to stay average and invisible. Harry may seem too loyal to Connor but ,believe me, there is reason for that.