My Daddy is a Handsome Prince, Volume 1 - Nathan J. Morissey First chapter starts with Julian (21) and his boyfriend Adrien (37) having sex and then: "Getting raped by a hot guy is a huge turn-on for me. There’s nothing like being pinned down by a huge, sweaty, gorilla-like alpha male and being ravaged and fucked by him, especially when he was a tall 6’1 athletic bodybuilder/real estate mogul." What? Why? I've no idea why author used word "raped" when no one was being raped, both men just had sex (not rough or "rape" fantasy sex) Probably there are people who have fantasies of being raped by gorgeous man/woman. Fine. Using word "rape" so carelessly- no. Turn-off for me. There are other things that I had problems with but I'm too lazy to write them down and kill my time with this story more than I've already done. I received this book for free in return for an honest review.