The Chorus Girl And Other Stories - Anton Chekhov,  Constance Garnett (Translator) ONE day when she was younger and better-looking, and when her voicewas stronger, Nikolay Petrovitch Kolpakov, her adorer, was sittingin the outer room in her summer villa. A young chorus girl Pasha (whose second occupation seems to be prostitution) sits with her "admirer" Nikolay and waits to heat to decrease so they can go for walk. When doorbell rings Pasha goes to answer and Nikolay hides in other room. At the door she meets young, beautiful upper class lady who is Nikolay's wife while Pasha struggles to maintain her composure, Mrs Kolpakov demands to Pasha to leave her husband alone, and asks then weeps and begs for Pasha to return gifts given her by Nikolay. R&R is for Chorus girl.