Show Me Yours - Kaje Harper I'm not surprised that story is good it's written by Kaje. However the story is better than I expected - two childhood friends meet each other after years and discover their feelings and longings for each other- not exactly what I would choose as the first thought that comes on my mind is "Were they blind before?" But it works, it really does, author shows why it wouldn't have worked back then. The author mentions that for some people homosexuality and paedophilia is the same or they confuse these two. And it is big problem and I am happy that author brought that up. When I lived in Latvia I often read a free newspaper and I clearly remember when once in some article there was stated that adult gay men prey after young boys. After that I started to notice that almost each issue had some open or hidden homophobic article. I mention all this because for gay people its harder to find each other, come out and stay together than for heterosexual couples because of prejudices, hate and bigotry and we shouldn't forget that while reading m/m romance. At least that's what I think. I like too that Josh sexual limit/preference wasn't a problem to solve but instead Trey accepted it as completely normal. I think it's so cute that Josh was ready to do what he thought is wanted from him and pretend and lie.