Zhenschina v kletke - Adler-Olsen Yussi 2.5I don't know if author used word "педик" (faggot) but in Russian translation it is used in a very demeaning way. Because of that I can't give this book 3 stars. Characters. I didn't care about main character Carl. His helper Assad is more mysterious and because of that more interesting. I did like Merete and it's shame she wasn't main character. I would have loved if she was the detective solving cases instead of Carl. My favourite parts were Merete and her brother's interactions. Villains,as it's often the case, were your average crazy-psycho-evil ones. But it would be interesting to hear younger brother's point of view. Poor boy :( Story kept my attention and I enjoyed it. Third book has interesting summary and I wouldn't mind to read it.