Les Misérables - Victor Hugo, Norman Denny 3.5[...]there is no man more terrible in action than a dreamer.The story is amazing and I understand why musicals and movies are so popular as they don't include Hugo's moralizing, preaching, philosophizing. I din't mind these parts especially about Waterloo and Paris sewers but I see why some people would call this book dry. What made me mad in this book is Jean Valjean's martyrdom/masochism and how he and Marius treated Cosette. Or should I say how author treats women in this book? [b:Bleak House|31242|Bleak House|Charles Dickens|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1280113147s/31242.jpg|2960365]'s (1853) Jo and [b:Les Misérables|24280|Les Misérables|Victor Hugo|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327702573s/24280.jpg|3208463] (1862) Gavroche two urchin boys created by two great writers, how different they are! I've seen only French mini-series (2000) and my favourite character was Javart (John Malkovich)(Javart and Enjolras, both fanatics, were the only happy people) in the book I liked Monsieur Mabeuf, little Cosette, Éponine, Gavroche and Thénardier couple are real villains.