Laon, Vol. 2 - Young-Bin Kim, Hyun You Vol 2. Chapters 9-16Laon is nine-tail fox (kumiho) who lost his tails in a bet. When Laon sees an article about kumiho he seeks out Tea-Ha, a journalist. After witnessing Laon's supernatural powers Tea-Ha decides to kidnap him. It doesn't work as Taea-Ha expected but Laon spares his life and they make deal: Tea-Ha will help to find the lost tails and in return when Laon's powers are returned he will grand one Tea-Ha's wish. In the second volume, Tea-Ha has to write about a sect. There he meets a woman who later is raped and after that she commits suicide. Not long after that several journalists are murdered. How these incidents are linked and what is Laon's role in these deaths? This volume ends with cliffhanger