Black Butler, Vol. 15 - Yana Toboso Kuroshitsuji,Vol.15, Ch. 68-72 Ciel attends boys-only Weston College (mix of Hogwarts and real British independent boarding schools) in order to investigate some mystery. He has to deal with school boys intrigues, school's discipline and get in to the top of hierarchy. He even is desperate enough to seek Soma's help. Ciel's rival Maurice the handsomest boy in college, is one of the best villains in Kuroshitsuji. And he is only human boy! Not so much Sebastian/Ciel in this volume as Ciel most of his time has to spent with other students. And it is interesting to see Ciel dealing with boys his age. In the next volume we will probably see Lizzy as her oldest brother is student of Weston too. Art as always is beautiful and looks like Ciel has grown up since first volumes. Take a look what our favourite demon is wearing! Oh Yana Toboso! Sebastian is not only professor and warden but also priest at Weston and we see him hearing confession and giving absolution to one of the students.