The Gentleman and the Rogue - Bonnie Dee,  Summer Devon Both of them were bloody fools, Jem literally.I haven’t been lucky finding good m/m books (some of them so awful that I haven’t added then on Goodreads as I wish to forgot that I have laid my eyes at them) and so my joy of reading this was great. And I like cover too. Still I wasn’t convinced that equal relationships between these characters were possibly during 1813, England, even in private. No, no. And it is shame as it was noticeable that the authors have done historical research. Possibly, the authors thought the equal relationships between these two would be more appealing to the readers. But maybe Sir Alan and also Jem were more contemporary than their contemporaries? I couldn’t also believe that Sir Alan was able after years of denying, feeling guilty and sinful because of preference to his own gender could so fast accept his feelings towards Jem. As for Jem being in ease with his profession and sexuality, it seemed natural to me, him being raised in the street and struggling for survival. Jem is really likeable character maybe sometimes to cheeky but it is his way of coping, and I liked how pure he is despite his harsh life in the street.