Don't Ask - Laura  Hughes 3.5 [b:Don't Ask|17828047|Don't Ask|Laura Hughes||24940821] is contemporary young adult story of two best friends, Cat and Mike, who during their freshman year are growing apart. Ironically, one of the reasons to that is that both struggle with their sexuality. When Cat comes out of the closet she believes that Mike has turned his back on her when actually Mike is overwhelmed with his own problems, like would Windy tell everyone that Mike tried to kiss him? And while Cat makes new friends with gay and straight youth, Mike is desperate to hide his sexuality and starts gay bashing, only once and he regretted it but anyway. But in the end friendship wins. I'm disappointed that we don't know how Mike's family reacted when he more or less come out, story because of it, in my opinion, was left unfinished. But I was pleasantly surprised, how the author dealt with Cat and Mike’s crushes, maybe, I’m not reading enough young adult romance but I it was different from YA books I’ve read. No worries no one dies and it all ends OK. =) The supporting characters are well written too, I especially liked Dina and Windy. Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review