Finding Love in Depression - Poseida Lunar I've reread this fic several times and I love it. There are a lot of things that could improve this story and the author has made mistakes, inconsistencies, but it's a fanfiction. The author had a story to tell and so what if she didn't check the facts and her writing isn't always perfect. This story is like an unpolished gem with a good beta, editor it would have been perfect. This work is more an original fiction than fanfiction, if we change the character names it would be unrecognizable as a HP fanfic. For an example: The story is set in the USA during the Great Depression, no magic, Harry and Ron are teenagers, Draco is few years older, Hermione is in her middle twenties. James and Lily are not a very happy couple, Percey is an amazing older brother and the Weasley twins are just as easy going but more careless. And Ginny is a bitch. The story starts when the Weasley children leave their parents to look for a job and Harry with Dean Thomas joins them. From the start they are followed by a bad luck: by mistake they take the wrong train and thanks to that Harry meets Draco for the first time. But it is the second time when Harry meets Draco when they destinies are, unknown to them, intertwined. Draco rapes Harry, and to add insult to injury, gives Harry a money. Months later, Harry in desperate need for cash, sees that his only chance is to offer his body to Draco in exchange for money.