Золушка - Charles Perrault [bc:Золушка|18189068|Золушка|Charles Perrault|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1373581921s/18189068.jpg|617184] the illustrations by Рейпольский are beautiful however the adaption is awful. Was Cinderella's real name Mary Stu? In this version Cinderella is so good that she isn't angry at her sisters when they bully her. When she marries the prince she takes her sisters with her and finds good (read wealthy) husbands for them but forgets her father and stepmother. She works as a servant slave and wears rags yet she fears her father wouldn't believe that her stepmother treats her wrong. So she doesn't say anything. All attention in the ball she receives is because everyone believes she is extremely rich. And I mean it, the prince is told that some VIP has arrived and he runs to greet her and helps her out of the carriage. He hasn't seen her and yet he runs to her? You can't even tell it was instalove/instalust. Don't get me wrong I like the fairy tale but this retelling wasn't good.