Tia's Folly  (The Path to Destiny, #1) - Elly Helcl [b:Tia's Folly|16107956|Tia's Folly (The Path to Destiny, #1)|Elly Helcl|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1358230291s/16107956.jpg|21921240] is first book in The Path to Destiny series. The second book [b:Najia's Sacrifice|17157290|Najia's Sacrifice (The Path to Destiny, #2)|Elly Helcl|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1355954506s/17157290.jpg|23579872] follows Tia's foster daughter's Najia's fate. Set in the magical world that is torn by war, Tia,a Druid, is chosen by the Gods to held a truce talk. In this story Druids are humanoid race and not the priestly class in old Britain. * WTF moment "I tried to stop before he had taken my maidenhead, but I think he was past the point of being able to stop." Men are physically able to stop at any point during sexual activity. Rape is not an act of impulsive, uncontrollable passion; it is a premeditated act of violence.