Claws - Mike Grinti, Rachel Grinti 4.5When I borrowed this book from library looking for easy and quick read I didn't expect that I will be hooked. What a pleasant surprise! Set in world that is very familiar to ours, (think of Alternative Universe) with one major difference magic and magical creatures (and magical persons) are real and live with humans. Emma's world is a bit too much similar with ours and that the main reason why I can't give 5 stars. I will explain why. In a world where magical creatures are real and live with humans I just can't believe that this world will have the same history/progress as ours. To me it seems very unlikely that in Emma's world would exist Gregorian (Christian) calendar or that crags(that how magical creatures are called) would allow human made laws interfere with their activities. But that the only complain from me. Emma's likeable heroine. She's clever, brave and loyal. Jack is awesome, really loved him. Story is well written, interesting, imaginative and well told. If there will be more of Emma's and Jack adventures I would gladly read them too. After Emma(12) moves with her parents close to the Forest with crags as their neighbours, she is bullied at school and her best friend Marie is ashamed to talk with her in public. Emma's only companion is black cat Jack and her mother wants him to go away. But how can Emma get rid of her only friend especially since he has promised to help her to find her missing sister Helen(16)? In her goal to find her sister Emma becomes with help from Jack a leader of group of cats, makes friends with harpy, fights with trolls (real one and human one) and have many other adventures.