The Long and Winding Road - Kassandra I absolutely hate mpreg fics. Hate. HATE. HATEThe idea makes me sick. But it wouldn't be fair to hate the mpreg fics if I haven't read any, I thought. So I went and read some. And you know what? I was right! Complete rubbish! Except this one*. The Long and Winding Road is exception to the rule. It's well written and it works in the X-Files universe. Mulder has been missing for a long time. Everyone believes he is dead, except Scully and Krycek. Krycek manages to rescue Mulder who has been imprisoned and medically experimented upon. Krycek saves also a baby that is result of an successful experiment and who is Mulder's son/clon * and The Man in Draco's Bed by Cyane Snape, Whisper by RobinRocks, Saving Draco Malfoy by Dayspring , The Things We Do For Freedom by gemlou137 and The Ones About John Gabriel Winchester, the Wee Messiah, and his two Dads by FayJay. These fics are good too.