My hero - XxRoGuExHeArTxX One early morning Draco finds Harry who has been viciously attacked and left to die. Harry says that he doesn't remember who attacked him and no one seems to care about it, anyway. The headmaster and professors, Harry's friends including Ron and Hermione, are not concerned about finding the culprit and less about Harry's health. While Harry accepts it as understandable, Draco, who slowly is becoming the only friend of Harry, starts to wonders is something sinister happening in Hogwarts. This is very dark fic but at the same time Harry's and Draco friendship and later romance is very heartwarming. While reading this story don't think that the author is bashing all characters except Draco and Harry. There is a reason why Hogwarts staff and students are becoming meaner and meaner to Harry and why Draco is unaffected.