The Astrology of Great Gay Sex: The Ultimate Guide to Finding Mr. Right and Avoiding Mr. Wrong - Myrna Lamb

I got this book as a birthday present...I think that an astrology is bullshit and I'm female. But I can appreciate that a friend spend £5.77 for a joke.


This book is a waste of paper. Seriously. As my godmother believes in this shit I've read a lot astrology books when I was a young teeneger and this one has to be the worst. It just makes some general statement and backs it up with some quotes.


It works like this:


VirgoOne might expect that health conscious Virgo to shy away from casual sex. Not so. "I love it, I think sex is underrated"

"I love it when single, but it's out of question now that I've partner"

"It's unsafe but it happens."


Virgo's fantasies generally involve oral sex and anal penetration and sometimes group or anonymous sex. "I imagine having fucked by six or eight guys and they all cum in my showers and guys jerking off all over me. Thick fat cock in my mouth with a lot of cum.""Having sex with a bisesxsual hairy man in a eighteen-wheeler."


Plus add random texts like this one."A three way with my partner and a tight muscular guy dressed in leather, in his apartment. He lit candles, had porn on. We drank each other's piss and fucked each other, and csme a lot, relaxed a bit and then went to dinner."


You know because all men think with their dicks and gay men especially because their think not only with dicks but they think about other bloke's dicks and arses.


My boyfriend skimmed this guide and was deeply saddened that this book doesn't give an answer how to find Mr Right and avoid Mr Wrong. For now he is stuck with me. >:D