Much Obliged, Jeeves (Jeeves, #14) - P.G. Wodehouse [b:Much Obliged, Jeeves|2960227|Much Obliged, Jeeves (Jeeves, #14)|P.G. Wodehouse||650074] first published in 1971 in the UK and in the same year in the USA by alternative title Jeeves and the Tie That Binds is second to last in the Jeeves & Wooster series.The two editions have slightly different endings. In the USA edition after Jeeves informs that he has destroyed the 18 pages from the Junior Ganymede Club Book that he has written about Bertie, Jeeves express hope that he will stay in Bertie's service permanently. As my copy was UK edition (ISBN: 9780099513964) I had to look for the added tidbit. Here it is: “…For I may hope, may I not, sir, that you will allow me to remain permanently in your service?”“You may indeed, Jeeves. It often beats me, though, why with your superlative gifts you should want to.”“There is a tie that binds, sir.”“A what that whats?”“A tie that binds, sir.”“Then heaven bless it, and may it continue to bind indefinitely. Fate’s happenstance may oft win more than toil, as the fellow said.”“What fellow would that be, sir? Thoreau?”“No, me.”“Sir?”“A little thing of my own. I don’t know what it means, but you can take it as coming straight from the heart.”“Very good, sir.”