Homely Girl - Brenda A. Barrett 1.5 I did like first 10% but after that the story started to lose me :( The first WTF moment was when we were introduced with Taj's mother. She had mild mental retardation from birth. You couldn't tell from looking at her that she had a mental issue but adjusting to new environments or people was a real difficulty for her. Loc 325 and She is brain damaged Loc 540. Brain damage might be a cause of intellectual disability but it's not the same. If a person has a learning disability and/or brain damage and/or mental illness it doesn't affect their looks. It looks to me that the author didn't bother to do some basic research if she would have done that, surely she wouldn't have used a word "retard" in her story. I'm also surprised that no one really cared that April was bullied. Mrs Gordon, April's nice teacher, told her that she would look back on high school and remember it fondly. O.0 After that I didn't bother highlighting WTF moments and because of that I'm stopping writing this review thingy.