Like the Taste of Summer

Like the Taste of Summer - Kaje Harper This was really heart-warming story despite all the hardships and prejudices both main characters stayed together and true to themselves. I only wish to know why Jack didn’t mention how his parents reacted to his coming out and if Sean’s parents tried to see him after decades. If not they loss. To my mind comes Boy Meets Boy that seemed a bit more like hope-like-this-will-be-in-future story than contemporary one. Maybe author wanted to tell all these people that are bullied and not accepted by who they are that it has to change one day and it will be better. Give a hope. I don’t know. But I believe this story had better, more powerful massage be who you are, be strong and brave and fight for your rights and you will be rewarded. And at the end I want to mention that I really liked how Sean and Jack met each other for the first time.