Wildthorn - Jane Eagland 19th century 70ies, UK, England Loisa Gosgrove (17) is sent to mental asylum. Her symptoms includes Excessive book-reading and study leading to a weakness of the mind. Desiring to ape men by nursing an ambition to be a doctor. Self-assertiveness in the place of male authority. Admitted in the Wildthorn by name of Lucy Childs to save her family from disgrace Loisa's fight for survival starts. I'm not big romance fan but I really was rooting for Loisa and Eliza and would liked to read more about them. Eliza reminded me of Alec Scudder ([b:Maurice|3103|Maurice|E.M. Forster|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1313796276s/3103.jpg|2394184])