The Rest is Illusion

The Rest is Illusion - Eric Arvin This is story of 5 college students and more. Love and hate, companionship and loneliness, honesty and deceit, life and death... Story has magical feeling, a touch of another world and beings but that doesn't reduce believability of the story, strangely it only adds to it more feeling of reality. Dashel is dying from inherited disease and his best friends Ashley and Sarah tries to come with terms with that while struggling with their own problems. In the last months of Dashel's life enters Tony, popular and closeted gay who fells in love with Dashel. And then there is Dashel's sort-of-ex-boyfriend Wilder a cold-hearted control freak who has set as his new task to destroy Tony. And in the middle of human daily life there is old dying tree, mysterious wind, river and more. Well written story and descriptions of nature are beautiful