I Am Not a Serial Killer (John Cleaver Series #1)

I Am Not A Serial Killer (John Cleaver Books) - Dan Wells This book was such disappointment! It sounds good, main character is 15 year old boy John who is diagnosed with ASPD. His hobby is to help his mother and aunt at morgue and reading about serial killers. His routine is destroyed when in town someone starts to kill people and John is fascinated by it and scared as his greatest fear is to become a serial killer. But then author add supernatural twist. The killer is not human but some daemon (at least that how he is called in this book) who kills only because he has to keep his body working because he loves his human wife very much and he doesn’t want to leave her. Its probably mean to be shocking that some daemon has more empathy than teenage boy and reader is supposed to be thinking some deep thoughts about humanity blah blah blah. As it was not bad enough of course this daemon is John’s neighbour and its only that naturally John discovers what his friendly elderly neighbour is and then defeats him. However what bothered me the most is the message that people with Antisocial personality disorder/ sociopathy all have violent tendencies and dream of killing others, that there is some monster living in them.