No Good Deed

No Good Deed - Lynn Lorenz I did enjoy reading this book very much actually: I liked the main characters, political intrigues and action scenes but there were parts in book that bothered me so much that I had to drop stars down. Few of the things that made me lower rating. Contains SPOILERS*Mark had abusive ex-boyfriend who beat him and left him to die. OK, 100% believable. But why Jeff the Bastard should be such an idiot as trying to shoot Mark in public place? If person is cruel it doesn’t mean s/he is unbelievably stupid. * I didn’t have problem Dan blackmailing St Romaine but I was disturbed that Dan not once thought about the teenage boy with whom St Romaine had sex. Dan is supposed to be good guy, he is policeman shouldn’t he know that in most cases teenagers are forced into prostitution? *Dan and depression/suicidal thoughts. Almost for twenty years Dan is supposed to have been struggling with depression but he was remarkably unaffected by it. Sometimes suicidal thoughts and self guilt, that’s all? Not even his libido affected, lucky Dan. *I was surprised how well Mark after like ten year celibacy and trauma(he had dated after Jeff but as I understand his after Jeff relationships didn’t work at all) could have so hot and trusting sex with Dan. Yeah, right. *Why Dan’s parents didn’t call/visit when their son was in hospital and yet they came all friendly and loving at his and Mark’ house? Did his parents heard rumours that Dan get a lot of many now? *It was often mentioned how difficult it could be for a man coming out from closet but miraculously Dan didn’t have any. Entire town was more or less OK?