Prey - Andrea Speed

Interesting, likeable characters and good plot. Highly recommended.


But there were three things that rubbed me off in the wrong way. It could be that I’m just too sensitive as other reviewers didn’t mention it (or maybe they did. I didn’t read every review).


~ Paris jokes about his slutty past that borders with self deprecation.


~ How were they going to ugly Paris up? Without prosthetics, that was going to be difficult.


An albeist slur. No comments. But what I’m going to do is wonder why there should be a need “to ugly Paris up” in the first place? Hateful bigots can be good looking charmers too. For those who haven’t read the book, Roan and Paris wishes to infiltrate into an antigay, anti shifter, possibly violent, group.


~ And most importantly, Roan’s prejudice against flamboyant men and stereotyping flamboyant men.


Was Eli aware he had a gay cut?


Eli had a “messenger bag,” aka a man purse (seriously, was he trying to look as gay as possible? Was this some sort of obscure shot at him?)